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Gotta Love Craig's List

>> Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My pack & play sold within an hour... And the stroller/backpack sold within a day.

$110 extra to pay on a credit card... Which will be gone this month. A month early! WooHoo!

What else can I sell????


Marie 12:13 PM  

Sweet! I'm selling lots that way too. The good stuff moves fast!

And we just had a great experience renting an apartment that way too. Within 5 minutes of posting, we got our first inquiry. Then we were flooded with responses! Within 48 hours of posting, we had a tenant signed up who passed our screening!

If you're like me, you'll try selling anything & everything. I have to show things on the sly... both hubby and son get mad when they see what I'm listing sometimes.

Jennifer 6:17 PM  

I tried selling our car on craigslist. Didn't work to well. All I got were a bunch of weirdos answering.

Fantastagirl 9:21 PM  

AWESOME! Having no credit card has to be the best feeling in the world!

Cindy 11:49 PM  

Gotta love Craig's List...we used it with great success when we were packing up stuff for storage before the big move to Montana. My Ebay account got quite a workout, too. Haven't checked, but I doubt Craig is an option for me now :)

devron 2:24 PM  

Have tried to buy auto parts off of CL but didn't work. Had to go to www.acparts.com to find what we needed. Really do like buying on line. So much cheaper.

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