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Breakfast Anyone?

>> Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Betcha can't guess what was on sale...

Oh... And I had coupons...

I think I paid just over a dollar a box when all was said and done...

Less even than the generic brands...

Now that's what you call some frugal shopping...


Melody 10:28 PM  

Great Deal! Did your Cheerios have books in them? I thought I saw that they were going to have books during the fall.

Jody 8:55 AM  

No books... Maybe that's why they were so cheap!

JILL 9:46 AM  

I used to think cereal was so expensive, but these days it doesn't seem so...especially when you consider how many meals you get out of it!

An Iowa Mom 4:19 PM  

Hello? Why have you not joined the COUPONING group over at Iowa Moms? Ahem.

The Fritz Facts 12:43 PM  

I love when the coupons add up, and you get a steal of a deal. So nice for the wallet!

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