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How The Lion King Reflects What is to Come

>> Friday, October 10, 2008

Brenna's favorite movie right now is The Lion King. Or as she calls it, "The Lion King with Scar". I had really forgotten how bloody that movie is. And then, as I think the the movies Disney has turned out lately with all the "green" themes and the agendas I wonder how this one was such a big hit for them...

But that takes me from my point...

You remember how Scar became king and the lions and hyenas were all living together (against nature)? And, since it was the lioness' job to hunt, the hyenas just lounged around all day and didn't scavenge for food in the elephant graveyard... And since the lioness' had so many mouths to feed and there were more animals living off the Pridelands that food became scarce and the land quit producing...

Now, just make our government "Scar" and everyone who believes they are entitled to a free ride "hyenas" and everyone else "lioness'"...

Does anyone else see it?

Lions and hyenas were not meant to live side by side. People who work hard to build their life should not be forced to pay for someone who won't work as hard to live the same life. Redistribution of wealth doesn't work. Not in a movie and not in real life.

I also kinda blame Disney for groups like PETA... Talking animals with human traits... No wonder people are confused...


reesethepug 8:10 AM  

Wow...now that you put it that way...totally understandable!

Nichole 10:16 AM  

I LOVE your analogy! I just had my own little rant on PETA!

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