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Even Cheap Eyeglasses are Out of My Budget Right Now

>> Thursday, October 02, 2008

I’m still in need of a visit to the optometrist. I keep putting it off because, well, cash flow. Because we pay for all our medical bills until we hit our deductible (and dental and optical are not included) things for Doug & I get pushed back. (We’re about 6 months late for our dental appointments, too.)

A visit to the optometrist is never cheap as glasses for Doug and I, plus my contacts, plus the exams can easily run $600. And I just don’t have that kind of cash right now.

I’ve considered having my appointment done and ordering my contacts from the optometrist and then getting my eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. I saw a report on Fox that was favorable for adults, and there was also a Clark Howard article that recommended them. I’ve got a simple frame chosen…

Now I just have to get the info… I know that most of the information is standard and the doctor will give it if you ask. I think the only thing I would have to remember to get is the pupillary distance…

Have any of you ever asked your doctor for a prescription to order your glasses elsewhere? I know the doctors make a profit from the frames and don’t necessarily like to give out all the info…


Anonymous 8:35 AM  

It is law that the optometrist must give you your prescription if you ask for it. I am not sure about the pupillary distance. Hopefully they would give you that as well. (I worked for an optometrist for a few years.) I love your blog and read it daily.


Jody 2:06 PM  

Hillary- thank you for letting me know that! (And for the compliment! I'm glad you enjoy stopping here!)

Cindy 12:12 AM  

I have never ordered my glasses or contacts from my optometrist or ophtamologist. I get my glasses at Costco and since I only wear them if I should have an issue with my contacts (which hasn't happened in years)I don't order new lenses for them every year. I get my contacts from them now, too. They don't stock the kind I wear, but they will special order them. I also used 1-800-CONTACTS for several years and never had a problem. If the Costco near you(and I'm assuming there is one...)has an optometrist, you might give them a try, too. We use to use them cause our insurance doesn't cover eye care, either. The last two years we've been able to get some coverage and have to go to certain providers. Hubby tried the one at Shopko and encountered all sorts of problems. I went to the doc at Wal-Mart and he was great! They had pretty good prices on contacts, too. Maybe that would be an option to check out!

Nichole 1:39 PM  

My doc gives me a copy of the script he writes (even though I have never asked for it). Also, once you get your exam (Wal-Mart does them for like $40), you can go to framesdirect.com and chose from hundreds of super cute frames. They will call your doc for the script for you! Good luck!

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