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>> Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Marble Slab should make it's pumpkin ice cream all. year. long. It is a bit much all by itself but if you mix it with their cheesecake ice cream (my rest-of-the-year favorite) it's delish. Add some graham cracker and a few pecans... If I could sing I would break into a song about it right now.

Brenna asked to play "the new game" tonight. That's what I was afraid of. She got to play one game of bowling before bed. (Just to work off the sugar high from her ice cream.) My sister says "Bubble Bobble" is good for little ones and it's a download.

Panera should not be two doors down from Marble Slab. Don't they know that their Asiago cheese bagels call to me if I'm within 2 miles? Hello? How could I not go in to get a bagel for tomorrow morning? (Oh, don't worry about my family... Brenna chose a muffin, Doug got a blueberry scone and Caelan chose a pastry...)

Doug and I played a couple quick games before settling down in front of the computers to work. I kicked his rear at bowling (my Mii bowls so much better than I do!) and he took two games from me in tennis (I'm pretty sure he tampered with my controller).

My birthday is coming up soon and I have to figure out what I want from my family... Williams Sonoma has a multi-chopper that I've been admiring... I told Doug that all I wanted from him and the girls is to spend a full day scrapbooking at Archivers the day after my birthday. So an Archiver's gift card would come in handy (then I don't have to worry about my budget)... I said that they could interrupt my scrapping for lunch at "Eddie Yum" (that's how Brenna heard the radio commercial for the longest time. We have yet to actually eat there.)

Oops! It's after 10! Bedtime! (Cuz I'm old- that's why!)


Melody 8:53 AM  

Oh, I love that chopper. It sure would be nice if you got it for your birthday. :)

I love Red Robin especially their Freckled Lemonade. Yummy!

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