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Looking For Someone? Here's a Place to Start...

>> Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I was contacted just the other day by someone I graduated with. Considering that I have contact with absolutely no one that I graduated high school with it was kind of a shock. Why did they email me? Because my 20 year class reunion is coming up next year and they wanted to know if I had any contact information for people we graduated with.

It’s funny to me because I’m pretty sure they got my info from our school’s alumni website… And also because I was no social butterfly in high school. Nope… I was an outcast who hung around with people who had graduated years before… And when I graduated I left. And never looked back. I haven't even been to one of my class reunions... And, depending on when they decide to have this one, I might miss it too... Hmmm, trip to Ireland or dull gathering of people I don't even remember? No contest...

So I replied with a nice note and said that they might want to try LookUpWho.com, a free people search service that might help. All that's necessary are the person's name and state.

At least it's a place for them to start...


Tamara B 3:00 PM  

wish you would've mentioned this 9 months ago when we were trying to find classmates for our reunion.

By the way, have you seen the "vote for my future" tshirts at Children'sPlace? $5. Yup, and cute too.

Tamara B 3:06 PM  

how come the state of Iowa isn't an option?

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