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Popcorn Memories and Halloween Bribing

>> Sunday, October 19, 2008

I remember when I was a child my grandmother would buy our family one of those big metal tins of popcorn for Christmas. You know… The one with the trio of flavors: regular, cheese and caramel. I don’t think there was much I looked forward to more as a child than dipping my hands into that orange popcorn.

I think I even sent my grandparents a big tin of tri-flavored popcorn one Christmas, to thank them for all those great memories. I’m not sure they appreciated it as much as I did as a child, though…

Doug and my girls all love popcorn so I am thinking of beginning a “popcorn tradition” here at Casa Geek. But instead of popcorn at Christmas I’m thinking about halloween popcorn. I could probably trade my girls all their trick or treat goodies for a big ‘ol tin of flavored popcorn.

WAIT! I have found it! Perusing through the Popcorn Factory site (because I can’t not look- can you?) I found a set of 2 Goblin Goodies Totes- each with a Double Chocolate popcorn, candy corn, Halloween Jelly Belly® beans, a funny face chocolate pumpkin and a Halloween Popcorn Ball. I could probably bribe my girls to skip trick or treating with that! (And don’t think I won’t try to if it’s cold outside!)


The Fritz Facts 11:14 PM  

That is great! My dad used to get those popcorn tins, and we would eat them one day, and forget about them after that. They made great containers for cat food though! lol

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