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>> Saturday, October 11, 2008

I didn't mention that Doug turned 40 last Monday because my sister and I have been planning this surprise party for him & my BIL for months and I didn't want to blow the surprise.

So now I'm off to get things ready... Here's a blast from the past... Doug and my BIL the summer after their junior year (I think)... Both just back from Army training...


Melody 11:22 PM  

It was such a fun birthday party. Thanks for inviting us.

Doug H 1:37 AM  

Yup, after our Senior year. I was just back from Infantry School and J had just finished Basic.

Good times. It looks like I'm tan, but it's only where the shirt doesn't cover...

MOM 6:53 PM  

Can't believe that the surprise was pulled off successfully! Lots of fun.

Fantastagirl 9:59 PM  

Happy Birthday Doug!

(I got my frame on Friday - thanks! When I get my pictures printed - I'll put up a picture!)

The Fritz Facts 12:45 PM  

Happy belated birthday Doug!!

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