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Be True to Yourself

>> Monday, October 13, 2008

It took me a long time to find “Mr. Right”. Of course he was put in front of me multiple times, I just wasn’t smart enough to see him. Instead I dated liars and losers until I grew up enough to really appreciate a man who a) had a good job, b) wasn’t a “player” and c) had verifiable references from people I trusted (my sister and brother in law).

Even though I had to wait until I was 32 to meet Doug I consider myself lucky. Besides, I had to grow up enough to meet a good guy…

But what if you don’t have family to introduce you to someone? Or you’re in a new city where you don’t know anyone? Well, that’s where the internet comes in to play. It’s amazing just how many people I know have met their spouses online- and they have great relationships! You just have to be choosy about the sites you use. Remember- you get what you pay for… If you’re too cheap to set yourself up on a quality site you’re gonna meet people who are too cheap to set themselves up on a quality site, too.

Psychology Today recommends True.com. They have scientific compatibility testing and they do criminal screenings for felons. They also have a disclaimer stating “if you are married and representing yourself as single… be aware that you could be guilty of fraud and subject to civil and criminal penalties under U.S. federal and state law.”

It’s almost like you have someone watching your back. Sign up is free and right now you can also search for free. So you have nothing to lose- except those Saturday nights at home watching Sex in the City reruns.



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