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5 Years...

>> Friday, October 24, 2008

Five years ago today was a Friday.

On that day Doug & I woke early, gathered clothing and items we had packed for a long weekend in Kansas City's Country Club Plaza, and left the house.

We drove into the country, past a couple small towns and into another. In the middle of this town was a small chapel. And there, with my sister and her husband as our witnesses, we were married.

Still clothed in our wedding finery we drove toward Kansas City. A quick stop was made in southern Iowa at a casino because we felt lucky. We left $40 poorer but still feeling lucky.

At our hotel we were greeted like royalty, presented with champagne and an offer of free drinks in the bar that evening, which we accepted.

We spent our afternoon being lazy and enjoying our first day of marriage. That evening, dressed again in our wedding attire, we made our way down to the lounge where we sipped free drinks- from the hotel and from other guests wishing us congratulations. Another bottle of champagne was sent to our room "for later".

We strolled through the plaza to dinner- complete with roses and more champagne- and then wandered along the river after.

My wedding day was perfect. It was intimate and beautiful and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Happy Anniversary, Doug. I love you.


Sally 6:15 AM  

Happy 5th Anniversary! And here's to many more!

We are celebrating our anniversary at the Plaza (& Arrowhead Stadium) this year...but I don't think we'll be greeted with champagne. =)

The Fritz Facts 10:38 PM  

Happy Anniversary!! Here's to five times more years!!

JILL 7:02 AM  

Happy Anniversary, you two!

Elaine 4:25 PM  

hey hey! Happy Anniversary!!! Congrats on 5 years, does it feel like it's been 5 years, or longer! LOL! :D

Melody 6:14 PM  

Happy Anniversary!

Cindy 10:56 PM  

Hope you two had a great anniversary! You were a beautiful bride, love the dress!

Jennifer 7:38 AM  

Happy belated anniversary!

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