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It's Not Really A Vacation

>> Wednesday, October 01, 2008

So, it’s not exactly what I was hoping for when I talked about “getting away” for a few days…

A girlfriend of mine is coming back to Minneapolis for a visit and the girls and I are going to head up to see her and her son while they are home. We’ll be going up mid-week for just a couple of days and leaving Doug at home.

So I’ve begun searching for a good hotel … I’m a bit picky about hotels as my girls are noisy sleepers and I really want, at the very least, a two room suite. And, of course, I want a deal…

I decided to give TravelHero.com a try to see what they could hook me up with. I plugged “Minneapolis” into their database as a starting point even though I prefer to stay in one of the suburbs. When that list popped up so did a “refine search” button so I could search St Paul and the suburbs. Nice. I was also able to search by type of hotel- suites, B&Bs, apartments, resorts… Cool. And after narrowing down my choices I can search by rates and availability.

This is really an easy search engine to use for hotels and car rental.

Check them out… Whether you’re taking a “not really a vacation” getaway of looking for Disney World hotels this is a good place to begin your search.


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