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>> Thursday, October 16, 2008

I had a friend tell me yesterday that my "Blech" post sounded like I was bored. I was.


It's a good thing I moved pictures. Because this morning my computer was acting fritzy (yes, it's a real word) and I had to restart it.

Or should I say that I tried to restart it... Instead of the Windows screen I got a black screen telling me that my computer was unable to start and it began a system restore.

Which, unfortunately, didn't work. After the restore was "done" I got a message stating "Windows cannot repair this computer automatically".


I've not had this computer 2 years yet. If it was older I would just replace it because, honestly, it hasn't been quite right since I got it. I blamed Vista but I really wonder if that was actually the issue.

Doug thinks the problem is either the hard drive or a virus. And since I have a virus sweeper- which pops up all the time to let me know it's protecting me- it had better not be a virus.

so, instead of having our planned "pajama morning", I must shower and venture in to the store with the Big Yellow Tag to leave my laptop for who-knows-how-long. And then they'll tell me that whatever is wrong is not covered by the warranty that, when I bought it, covered "everything".

All I know is that this will probably be the last Gateway computer I buy... Which is too bad because I remember, quite fondly, my first one. It was wonderful. Their product seems to have degraded over time...

I'm considering a Mac... Better for photos, web design, videos and other "creative" stuff, I hear...


Sally 12:36 PM  

Def go for a Mac. They're just more pricey, or I'd have one! My sis just got one, and she loves it!

The Fritz Facts 2:45 PM  

I JUST finished saying what I wouldn't give for a Mac Book. They are wonderful, and so fun to use.

I have a Dell, and love it. I want a laptop though, and I just couldn't afford a Mac right now.

Laurie J. 6:56 PM  

I love my mac, never any problems. It is what I use at work too! Nothing like a mac!

Melody 10:39 PM  

What is up with computers these days?

I would love a Mac. I think if you get a new computer you should definitely get one.

It is so funny but the only thing on my computer I really care about are the pictures. I definitely need to back them up.

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