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I'll Be 39 in a Few Weeks. But My "Real Age" is 34...

>> Friday, October 10, 2008

Because I have nothing else to do (HA!) I spent a little time taking this RealAge Test today.


It’s a really thorough test and has a lot of questions… It takes a while to do. And after taking it it seems that I:
**eat too much red meat and not enough fish (yep, I knew that)
**don’t get enough exercise (yeah, yeah, I know)
**need to find out my cholesterol levels (that involves blood work, right?)
**don’t floss enough

The RealAge website has given me a plan to follow and maybe the next time I check in I’ll be more than 4 years “younger” than my real age.

How old is your body? Find out: Take the RealAge Test! It's Free!


Sally 9:22 PM  

That's EXACTLY what it told me, too. =) It said I'm 4 years younger than my calendar age, and it told me I'm too heavy for my height...well, thank you very much! Interesting site, though.

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