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Saturday Again

>> Saturday, October 04, 2008

And here I am at the computer watching my eBay auction. Everything is selling except a box of fun miscellaneous stuff for a baby girl's nursery... pink flannel sheets, a soft teddy, a stuffed prayer bunny that has a nightlight in it's belly...

I have more to list today... Women's clothes. A couple shirts, leather skirt, leather pants.

And a couple of items for Craig's List... a stroller/backpack combo (the best item ever made!) and an Eddie Bauer pack & play.

I'm almost out of stuff to sell...

We had plans to go to this FarmCrawl tomorrow... But those have been cancelled for us as Doug's grandfather died on Thursday and the visitation is tomorrow. Doug's dad arrives tonight from Texas. The funeral is Monday. Doug will go to that alone as it's not something I can get the girls to sit through.


The Fritz Facts 12:06 PM  

I am so sorry about Dougs grandfather. I understand about the girls, we were able to bring Boo to one when she was Brenna's age, it would have been just to hard for everyone.

I am always weary about putting things on ebay. Do you see a nice profit?

Fantastagirl 9:32 AM  

Sorry to hear about Dougs grandpa - good luck with your ebay sales - I know some do really well with what they sell.

Jennifer 6:13 PM  

Sorry to hear of your loss. Will keep you all in my thoughts.

I recently just got rid of my stroller. Handed it over to goodwill, I nearly cried.

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