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Looking Great Doesn't Have to Cost a Fortune

>> Tuesday, October 07, 2008

So… I’ve got this clothing budget… It’s $100 per month. Divided among 4 people- two of whom seem to be growing faster than I can clothe them- it doesn’t go far. So you know I am searching for some great Discount fashion.

Quite often than means scouring sale racks for discount clothing… Or perusing websites for end-of-season specials.

I also check out Heavenly Couture’s website. It’s full of good quality clothing priced at $17.95- or below! It’s amazing! And while it is predominately a “juniors clothing” site I can find pieces that will work on a not-yet-ancient woman. Like these:

So if you’re on a budget like me or if you just like to get more for your money and buycheap clothing I suggest a stop at heavenly Couture.


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