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Maybe She Thinks I Expect It

>> Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Caelan had school this morning. Which she really likes. When we drop Brenna off she's always saying how she wants to stay.

When Tuesday finally rolls around she is more than happy to get ready, grab her backpack and get in the truck. She's even happy to walk in the door. Often we are early so we will sit in the lobby and talk with the receptionists and she's just fine.

Until we go to hang her coat and backpack on the hooks and enter the classroom. Then the tears begin to fall and she clings to me like a burr.

When her teacher approaches, however, she will turn and walk into her arms. Still crying.

And when I am gone she is fine. No tears, no fussing. She plays quietly and listens to her teachers.

I'm guessing it's habit...


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