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Wouldn't Infrared Saunas Feel Nice Now?

>> Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Someone once said that motherhood isn’t for wimps. And, boy, were they right! I got to bed with more aches and pains now than I ever did when I was working a very physical job and weight lifting at night.

Sometimes I miss my gym membership- just because of the relaxing Infrared Sauna they had. It was so nice to sit in a sauna that could relax my muscles but not get covered with the steam that most saunas have. It was honestly amazing.

Now you can get the relief that a far infrared sauna can bring from Midwest Saunas for far less than you might think.

And while I might prefer a sauna for muscle pain and weight loss (you can burn up to 900 calories in 30 minutes) saunas can help with everything from skin condition to body detox; nose bleeds to arthritis; and much, much more.

This is definitely something I am looking at adding to my “home gym” as soon as the cash is available.


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