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If You're Dreaming You Might as Well Dream Big

>> Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Saying that Doug and I dream big is like saying Hershey makes chocolate. It’s an understatement. Our dreams are as varied as the varieties of Hershey’s chocolates… Some dreams are wrapped in others, some are swirled together and some just stand on their own.

Because we enjoy travel Doug has often said that he would like to get his pilot’s license. I’m not against that… You never know when you might need an extra pilot. But those small planes worry me a bit. And I’m not really hip on actually owning our own plane. So we’ve come to a compromise on the whole airplane thing- a private jet company that will own and maintain the plane while we have fractional ownership. Did I mention that the plan comes with a crew?

I told you that we dream big… As Doug says, “Why dream small?”

Legendary Jets may not be the biggest name in the market but they are one of the most respected- choosing to grow slowly to maintain a personal relationship with it’s members. If you dream big like us (but are closer to realizing those dreams) contact Legendary Jets and the founder himself will discuss your needs and come up with your custom aircraft package.

Who knows, maybe someday we can share a jet…


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