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It's All Very Exciting!

>> Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I just heard from Budget Travel and their "Top 15 Travel Bloggers" article is slated for publication in the November issue! Remember- I was chosen as one of those 15...

Anyway, to celebrate I've asked the companies of products I've reviewed to make donations for me to give away.

So far I have received:
A Flip Video camera (!!!)
A Cyber Pocket from VTECH (!!!)
A Snack and Play tray from Family Travel Gear (!!!)
and bags from Janine King (!!!)

And I have more requests waiting to be answered.

I bet you can't wait for the contests to begin, can you?


jennhuff2004 11:38 AM  

congrats to you on all your success! i will keep an eye on your upcoming contests since i always love winning!

Melody 1:50 PM  

Well, I am glad my computer is fixed so I can enter all these contests. :)

Sally 5:51 PM  

My computer is working, but my feed to your blog isn't...I was wondering why I hadn't seen any posts lately.

Congrats! Can't wait for the contests. I REALLY need a video camera! =)

Cindy 6:19 PM  

Congratulations! I'll be watching to enter...I need that Flip more than Sally!! :)

Bubbi 8:48 AM  

Your right--I cant :)
Jody--check out my post about the movie "Obssesion" and let me know if your interested. If so I can send you 2-3 copies.

The Fritz Facts 12:42 PM  

Congrats!! That is exciting news.

Giveaways are wonderful...can't wait!

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