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I Guess I've Slept Enough

>> Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apparently spending all day Sunday in bed, and taking a nap yesterday, have managed to get me all rested because I am awake. And my mind is going...

And since I have piles of "to do" on my desk I suppose I'll get to it.

PS The Flip for my giveaway arrived. It's pink!


Sally 5:03 AM  

Ooh, Pink! Perfect for Breast Cancer Awareness month!

I'm awake, too. The boy woke up at 4am to eat, and I should have gone back to bed for another hour, but I couldn't fall asleep...so I'm catching up on blogs.

Cindy 11:46 AM  

Pink is perfect! I'll be watching for that giveaway!

The Fritz Facts 2:38 PM  

Pink...the hubby will never touch it. How perfect! lol

I have had the middle of the night wake ups a lot lately. Not a good time. I caught myself a couple times dozing slightly at my desk.

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