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McCain Says He's Going for the "Goofy Vote"

>> Tuesday, October 14, 2008

That was his joking response to the story that came out today that ACORN registered Mickey Mouse to vote in Florida.

Now I'm not saying that Obama has anything to do with all these false registrations (all over the country) that Acorn is turning in (stories here, here and here).

And, again, Obama is distancing himself from yet another group that he has supported, claiming that he never "organized for them". Well, ACORN's spokesman has already said that Obama conducted two unpaid training sessions for the Chicago affiliate and he was the lead attourney in a 1995 lawsuit in Chicago.

The ties that bind Barack Obama to so many corrupt and questionable people and groups are beginning to tie him up. I'm just so confused how people can continue to support him so feverently.

For some really fun reading check out the Obama Birth Certificate Lawsuit. If he was born in Kenya he may not be a natural born citizen, which you must be to be President. Apparently this was begun by a Democrat... Oh, and Obama won't release his college transcripts (I didn't know those were privledged...) and the thought is that they would show that he was registered as a national of Kenya... Nice...


Jennifer 6:49 PM  

Your elections are on the 4th of November is that right?

Ours were today.

Jen H 8:57 PM  

Yes, but you can vote NOW at the library with an absentee ballot. You have to show your voter registration and your DL. I have already voted.

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