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Save Money, Win a Car

>> Saturday, October 04, 2008

If you’re like us you’re pinching pennies pretty tightly right now and cutting unnecessary costs. But what if cable television, high speed internet or your telephone line isn’t something you’re willing to part with?

Well, then you do some price shopping for the best deal…

If you live in a Charter Communications area be sure to check out their prices and packages. Right now they have a trio packages in their “Save Green Go Green” Giveaway. With their 12 month offer on cable, internet and phone you could save up to $400 per year. Or get their digital high speed internet and save up to $100 in 6 months. With their high speed internet you could save up to $150 in 6 months.

And if you sign up by following this Charter link you are automatically entered to win a Honda Civic Hybrid. Features of the car include:
Polished Metal Metallic
Up to 45 mpg highway
Fabric interior
USB Audio Interface
110-hp, 8 valve, SOHC i-VTEC® 4-cylider engine
Continuously variable transmission
MP3 Auxiliary Input Jack

If you’re already a Charter customer (and even if you’re not) you can enter the contest by following the link above –there is no purchase necessary to win but you must live in a Charter area.


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