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She's 4?!? How Did That Happen?

>> Sunday, October 26, 2008

Somehow four years have passed- seemingly in the blink of an eye... Oh, I know that I may say that some weeks feel like years but, honestly, how did my baby get so grown up?

Some days it seems impossible that she is 4 because she has a way of acting so mature. So when she actually acts her age it is confusing to me.

Then, of course, there is the fact that she just doesn't look 4...

Who would guess her at 4? I couldn't believe the changes in her from a year ago. The chubby baby cheeks are gone and a beautiful girl has taken her place.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful Brenna!

We love you!


Elaine 4:21 PM  

she is beautiful! I don't think anyone would guess her at 4, she looks like a 6 year old! :D

Happy Birthday Brenna!!

The Fritz Facts 10:27 PM  

Happy Birthday Brenna!! She looks wonderful in the pictures. I love that bright green sweater!

They do seem to grow up so fast, to fast.

Heather 10:45 PM  

Great photos. She's a sweetie!

Cindy 10:54 PM  

She's adorable! Happy Birthday, Brenna!


Great pics. Happy Birthday.

vw bug 7:37 PM  

Not letting my boys see her... I had a hard time keeping them away from a cutie at the park. Brenna is precious!

Bou 4:19 PM  

good Grief! Were we just not reading about your labor?! Holy cow... and she is so beautiful!

Jennifer 7:37 AM  

Crazy how fast that goes by! She's absolutley stunning!

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