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Totally 80's, Dude

>> Monday, October 13, 2008

I am sooo showing my age here as I remember Leggings when they did their turn around the fashion world in the 80’s.

And we wore them with everything… Short denim shorts and leggings… Mini skirts and leggings… Oversize Oxford shirts and leggings…

Of course I’m too old for the trend (I firmly believe that if you wore it the first time around you should really skip it the second time) but some of the cute Hue Leggings make me want to break my own rule. Especially the cute fishnet capri’s…

Speaking of 80’s trends… Hue also has legwarmers. Now all they need are “slouchy” socks to match every shirt you own.


pjmomof3boys 11:16 PM  

Oh, yeah...oversized button-up shirt with leggings on bottom. And of course big, obnoxious earrings and bangs teased up at least 6 inches.

I can't imagine how nauseating I would look in a pair of leggings today...

If you can pull it off, I say go for it! I just know nobody wants to see Spandex sucked to my legs.

Sally 5:10 AM  

I agree...no leggings for me. And as much as I hate to say it, there are some cute ones out there...on the right people.

Jennifer 6:43 AM  

I agree " been there done that" don't feel it's right to do it again.

however. I have seen many women over 30 wearing high heel boots, with jeans ( please not too tight that's just wrong)with leg warmers and nice sweaters, and they don't look silly at all. So the leg warmers... I think would be okay to do again. Within reason mind you ;)

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