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She Got to Ride on a Bus!

>> Thursday, October 02, 2008

Today was a very exciting day for Brenna... It was her very first field trip. Which meant that... for the very first time... she got to ride a yellow school bus! (No, I wasn't the only mom taking pictures of my kid as she prepared for her first bus ride. There were three of us...)

As this was her very first field trip - and it was on a day she regularly has off from school- Caelan and I followed behind the bus. (So did 9 other vehicles. No, none of us carpooled.)

The trip took us to a wonderful apple orchard where everyone picked apples, took a tractor ride (and ate one of those fresh-picked apples), got to see how apples are sorted and stored, saw animals and got to run and play.
Caelan and I wandered through the store while the kids had a snack. (Lots of home made apple goodies- and fudge!)

I also got to meet Brenna's "best school friend". It's a boy... And they walked all around the farm holding hands. It was very sweet.

Considering that Brenna's favorite best friend is her cousin Koen... And that all her older cousins are boys... It doesn't concern me that her "best school friend" is a boy. Yet...


Fantastagirl 9:46 PM  

He's just more fun than the "girls" cause he'll run and play with her.

What awesome pictures.


I think my kid would have a bird if he got to ride a yellow school bus.

KL Snow 7:35 PM  

Hey, where'd they pick apples? Laura and I have been to the Berry Patch once this year, and were pretty impressed.

Cindy 12:01 AM  

My grandson was so excited to finally ride the school bus to kindergarten he could hardly stand it! My best school friend up till 3rd grade was a boy. We even played at each other's houses after school. He moved away after that and when I was in college I met someone who was friends with him in high school!

Jennifer 6:15 PM  

How fun!!!!

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