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With All of Target At Their Disposal

>> Monday, November 17, 2008

Brenna and Caelan both received $20 for their birthdays from Doug's grandmother. Coupled with the $5 they received from my cousin they were both able to have a little shopping spree.

Brenna got something she saw as we were checking out on Saturday:

Yep, it a Disney Princess game for the Wii. She's playing it right now with Daddy. We only have one nunchuck... I predict a few more controllers will be coming into our home sometime in the future.

And Caelan... With the entire toy aisle in front of her... She chose...

Really big coloring books. Granted, the Princess one (do you see a theme?) has sparkly paint. and very dull scissors. I predict many artistic endeavors to be added to my doors and walls.

The girls paid for their purchases themselves and took their change They were so proud.


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife 11:49 PM  

I predict more controllers coming your way too! ;)

The Fritz Facts 6:36 AM  

Boo has that game, and still loves it. I think she has that same color book too. lol

I love that you let them pay themselves. We do that with the kids, and it helps them so much learn about the value of money and saving. Boo used a couple gift cards and $15 she had saved to buy a Wii game last year, and she still talks about how proud she is about it.

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