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I'm Exercising... Surely That's a Good Start

>> Friday, November 14, 2008

I’ve been doing quite well at waking in the morning by 6 am (this morning I was awake at 5:41 am, before my alarm) and exercising. I’ve only missed one day this week. (Yea me!) And I still haven’t had a soda. I’ve actually lost track of how long it’s been, but I know it’s been over a month. I’m feeling really good and I seem to have enough energy to keep me going during the day.

Unfortunately I’m not seeing the weight come off as fast as I would like. Wait, let me change that… I’m not seeing it drop at all. It’s not that I am looking to Lose Weight Fast but I would like to see the numbers on the scale at least begin to change.

I was over at Weight Loss HQ, just poking around, when I saw their “7 Foods to Help You Lose Weight” article. Hmmm, eat & lose weight. I’m all for that. Here’s what I picked up:

Use cinnamon instead of sugar to sweeten beverages or cereal. Nice tip but I drink my tea black and I don’t add anything to my oatmeal but hot water.

Levels of insulin drop up to 32% after a spicy meal. The theory is that chili peppers have an ingredient that helps remove sugar from your blood stream. Interesting.

Drink more water and cut out the soda. Already on that…

Flax seed may stabilize sugar levels. Actually I think any high fiber may do that…

Eat a fiber rich breakfast. Heck, just eat breakfast…

Salmon for calcium and vitamin D. Ugh. I hate salmon.

Walnuts for Omega 3. Or a nice fish oil capsule…

Hmmm, not really anything new there for me. But the site itself has lots of info and I like that the articles are set up in an interactive conversational way. Definitely a nice place to begin searching for your weight loss solution.


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