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Let Me Introduce You To: Laine's Babies

>> Friday, November 21, 2008

The other day I had some wonderful goodies hand delivered from Elaine at Laine's Babies. Elaine is a SAHM mom to two little kids- one boy, one girl. She's talented with her sewing machine and makes adorable kids items.

Caelan absolutely adores the Tinkerbell Travel Pillow she received. Elaine calls it a travel pillow because it's perfect for cushioning little noggins during long car or plane rides but it's a "goes everywhere" pillow for Caelan. She hasn't put it down since she got it.

She loves that it has Tinkerbell on it (so it matches her bedding), it's stuffed nice and full but still has a great "squishy-ness" that makes it easy to cuddle and the back is "soft and fuzzy" (in Caelan's own words). I love the bright, cheery colors.

The stitching is sturdy and will stand up to the love that I know this pillow will receive. And, perhaps best of all, this is an affordable little gift for any Tink fan in your life, costing only $9.

Laine's Babies has other great items too... Nursing covers, baby blankets (go check these out) and children's aprons and chef's hats (to be reviewed on Fab Food Friday very soon). Don't forget to check out her fabric selection to make your item "just right".


Laine 2:58 PM  

That's Cute!! What a cutie pie!

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