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A Floral Centerpiece Makes a Great Hostess Gift

>> Friday, November 21, 2008

The past couple of years my sister in law has begun hosting Thanksgiving. She does this because if she were to go out of town her sister would have no family to spend the holiday with. So she makes the plans, cooks the turkey and mashes the potatoes and leaves the side dishes and desserts to everyone else who is coming. It seems to work out well as my family is quite large and there is always more than enough food. An afternoon of games and fun follows and leftovers are usually dug out of the refrigerator in the early evening before everyone leaves.

This year we will be out of town for Thanksgiving but I want to give her a little something to let her know that we appreciate her efforts even though we aren’t there. I am thinking about choosing one of the lovely Thanksgiving centerpieces from 1-800-Flowers. The fresh flower cornucopia is absolutely stunning. Roses and sunflowers mixed with poms, preserved fall leaves and realistic looking mini pumpkins… Really, it’s stunning.

I just have to remember to order before November 23 if I want to save $10 on my Thanksgiving order (by using code CNTR2 at checkout). I may want to send a little something but I don’t want to spend more than I have to!


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