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Clothes Shopping = No Fun

>> Thursday, November 20, 2008

I went shopping yesterday. For clothes. For me. I’ll just say that it wasn’t fun.

I used to love clothes shopping. Now, well, not so much. The first issue seems to be that clothes in styles I like are not really meant for a 38 year old woman to wear. And often they are cheaply made and I want my clothes to last; I buy quality not quantity. I seem to be somewhere between “young adult” and “old lady” and I’m not happy with what I find.

The second issue, which should honestly be the first issue, is that I am just not happy with my body. I’ve gained weight and my body seems to be quite happy where it is. I, however, am not. So I have signed up to try the Flat Belly Diet It’s a plan from the editors of Prevention magazine, so I think I can trust it to not be fad but fact.

Right now the Flat Belly Diet is looking for testers, so I signed up. It’s a nutrition program with expert advice. And, hey, it includes dark chocolate… I figure it’s worth a shot.


If you want to give it a try follow the Flat Belly Diet link and sign up.



Laine 9:33 AM  

guess what? I signed up! I am hoping to come to ankeny tonight, if you are around I'd like to deliver the apron and pillow to you? I'd need directions too.

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