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Let Me Introduce You To: Fill In The Blankie

>> Thursday, November 13, 2008

Remember when your guidance counselor told you "find one thing to do and do it well"? Fill In The Blankie has done just that. They have taken the art of personalization and created beautiful, usable, affordable, cuddle-able baby blankets.

Oh, sure, you can get a monogrammed blanket at almost any mall but their quality and selection pale in comparison to what you'll find at Fill In The Blankie. But what makes this blanket so unique, so special, is that you can choose up to 200 characters (50 per side) to embroider along all 4 satin edges. You choose the blankie, you choose the thread color, you choose the font. You create a keepsake. The embroidery costs are "built in" to the cost of the blankie; no "per letter" fees that you find so many places.

I want to share with you the blankie I received:

It arrived so beautifully folded and wrapped in satin ribbon. The care tag is held on by a very large diaper pin- which is thoughtfully around the ribbon and not through it.

This blankie is the amazingly soft Stefan's Chenille. It's machine washable 100% cotton chenille. It was all I could do not to wrap it around myself- it's so snuggly! And the satin is so smooth, I loved rubbing it in my fingers. Since we all know how sensitive babies skin is I can honestly tell you that any baby would love to be snuggled in this blankie.

When I saw the embroidery on the edges I sighed- what a wonderful Christmas gift!

"Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there"
Accented with tiny Christmas trees... it's darling.

Blankies are easy to order. You choose your blankie -use the Blanket Gallery for great close up photos and to help with thread color selection- and then provide the message. Can't think of what to say? Don't worry! There is a handy occasion inspiration tab to help you along! You then choose your font and thread color (including GLOW IN THE DARK thread- how cool is that?). If you want an illustration (like my tiny Christmas tree) you'll add that next. And you'll finish by deciding if you want to include a "pig in the blankie".

This is such a personal gift it's sure to make the recipient's mommy cry (don't worry, they'll be good tears!) and everyone else ooh and ahh. Blankies begin at $39 and go up to $109. Don't forget, that includes the embroidery! And they ship within 3 to 7 business days.

I know you have gift ideas swirling in your head right now- I do too. Go over and explore the website. It's great fun!

As for the blankie I received...

As you all know, I have two little girls. Both of whom want this blankie. Because they don't share well I am going to have a little give away. But it's going to work a bit differently than previous contests I've hosted. Let's help make a difference in someone's Christmas...

I want you to tell me who deserves this blankie and why. New baby? Adoption finalized? First Christmas? Tell me your story.

On Monday, December 1, I will choose the top 3 entries and those will be voted on by my readers. Votes will be counted on Friday, December 5. I will send the blankie directly to the recepient either anonymously or with a note about the entry I received (depending on how the winner wants it to go).

(PS Would you please give this contest a little linky love? I truly appreciate it!)


Sincerely Iowa 4:03 PM  

I would like to nominate Shrike & Whozat from http://whozatshrike.blogspot.com/. They are a lesbian couple who just gave birth to their own baby. After many attempts at trying to have a baby through various methods, they used a sperm donor, and used Whozat's egg to implant into Shrike's uterus (or maybe the other way around-- I can't remember!) Anyway, they had a beautiful baby girl and I just very happy for them. I know it's an unconventional family, but I've been reading their blog for a long time now, and they are such a deserving family. There is so much LOVE in that home, and their baby (Internet name: PEEPER) is most deserving of a snuggly blanket!

Anonymous 7:04 PM  

I would like to nominate the neo-natal unit at Blank Hospital for the first baby born on Christmas Day. What a wonderful keepsake.

Heather 11:31 PM  

I can't think of anything better...great idea cchuff.

Chris, Renae & Annie 8:48 AM  

I'd like to nominate my friend Jen over at http://blessedarethebarren.blogspot.com/.

Jen and her husband Todd are newly pregnant, after 5 years of hoping and trying, thru the miracle of Embryo Adoption. Their little Snowflakes (what EA babies are often called because of their cryopreservation) are due in July but I know they would be overwhelmed by this sweet gift.

Unknown 7:55 PM  

I think my niece deserves this blankie. She was born four weeks ago with four holes in her heart. SHe is now suffering from congestive heart failure and Penta X syndrome. She is one of 24 babies borne with this rare chromosomal disorder. In her four weeks in this world she has seen more than her share of hospitals and will see a lot more. Having a soft blankie to help her feel safe and secure would ease her stress. Thanks so much for this giveaway!

*carrie* 6:47 PM  

What a neat giveaway, Jody--excited to see who will receive it!

Anonymous 10:33 PM  

I vote for # 1. They struggled so hard to have a baby and managed to actually have one together. Never was a baby more loved by her two mothers, her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.

Anonymous 11:38 PM  

I vote for #3. That little girl and her family need all the love and softness they can get...

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 9:53 AM  

I'd like to nominate AnyMommy, who is pregnant after a recent miscarraige - with twins - but it looks likely that one of the twins won't make it. She is a beautiful, warm person, and has also adopted twice. http://anymommyoutthere.com

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