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Have You Considered Lay-Away for Your Christmas Gifts?

>> Thursday, November 06, 2008

Are you planning to give some nice gifts for Christmas? How are you paying for them? Gonna whip out that credit card and then wait for the January blues to hit (seems to happen when those credit card bill begin rolling in after the holidays) and worry about it then? Have you been saving all year? Or do you have another plan?

Let me toss out an option: Kmart Lay-Away. It used to be all stores had lay-away back in the day before everyone and their dog (yes, it has happened!) had a credit card. I bought my first stereo at Kmart using their lay-away plan. Now Kmart is the only national chain to offer lay-away. (I predict that may change in the next few years as the availability of credit tightens.)

It’s a great option if you want to pay cash but don’t happen to actually have all the cash you need. And Kmart has some amazing items. Like this Mobile Crossing GPS.

I would love to give this to Doug for when he goes camping “off the grid”. I love that it is hand held, but comes with a car kit. It also supports Pocket PC so it would be great for travel directions in places outside the country. Plus it’s just the thing a geek would enjoy!

But it is expensive and I have a set monthly gift budget so the Kmart Lay-Away plan would let me pay cash over time. Perfect!

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Anonymous 9:28 AM  

I wish we had a Kmart here--I'd SO use their lay-a-way. I used to always use Wal-Mart's when they had it...

Ginny 5:59 PM  

Just make sure the fees are worth it. If it is something that will sell out then most likely a good idea.

I had read another blogger talking about this & she figured out what the interest would be if it was a cc & not a layaway fee & it comes out to like 35% interest.

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