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Whip Out That AAA Card Everywhere...

>> Wednesday, November 05, 2008

You just never know what you could save!

One great savings tool I have- and rarely remember to use is my AAA card.

Oh, sure, I remember to pull it out for reserving hotel rooms and renting a car. But for other things... Nope.

So, if you have a AAA card (which you should as it can truly pay for itself and it's great if you hit a deer in the dark of night) here are just a few of the deals you can get:

  • Show your card and save and dozens of auto shops, car washes, tire stores and quick lubes (in MN and Iowa as that's the club I belong to- yours would vary by location)
  • Online savings at Target, FTD, Dell, Barnes & Noble and 1-800-FLOWERS to name but a few
  • Nationwide savings at
  1. Best Buy & Geek Squad (sure wish I had known that when I was having computer issues),
  2. Amtrak
  3. Brinks Home Security
  4. Hard Rock Cafe
  5. New York & Co (15%! Seriously?!? I had NO IDEA!)
  6. Target Optical (30% off!!)
  7. Ticketmaster
And that's only a few. And, honestly, none that I would have even thought of!

How about entertainment? Heading to Busch Gardens? Sea World? Minnesota Children's Museum? Great Lakes Aquarium?

Or do you plan to travel overseas? Because they've got deals for you there, as well. Hotels, tourist attractions, transportation...

So... What's in your wallet? A credit card that might earn you points (and lots of interest) or a AAA card that can save you more money than you realize?


The Fritz Facts 1:48 PM  

I heart AAA even more now. Man alive, the discounts are amazing!! I will have to tell my sister about this one...

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