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Looking for coupons for Target?

>> Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I’m watching our Christmas budget very closely this year as we only set back a small amount to buy gifts. That amount has to stretch quite far… Luckily my family is also budget conscience so we draw names and set a gift limit. And here at Casa Geek we don’t go overboard on gifts. The girls each get three… One from Mommy & Daddy, one from each other and one from “Santa”.

One of my favorite stores is Target so I look specifically for coupon codes that can net me discounts and free shipping. Or any other deals or special savings. Mmm… Target and saving money… Two of my favorite things!

So, what kinds of coupons for Target have I found today? Well, there is free shipping with a $50 purchase from select departments, a 15% savings if you spend $125 in qualified purchases, and a 25-75% discount on select clearance items with free shipping. Some pretty great deals if you fit the criteria.

The cool thing is that the coupons are ranked by users so you can be sure to find the very best and easiest to use coupons at the top of the pile. It’s an easy way to save your money but still buy great gifts.


Sally 11:10 AM  

Ooh, ooh, I needed to hear this today. I'm getting ready to order a $100+ baby gate thing, and they want to charge me $28 for shipping!! I had a discount code thru AAA, but it's not working. I'll try your idea!

The Fritz Facts 8:51 PM  

I love all the tips you have!! We are ordering the kids gift from Target this year, to avoid the rush. This will come in very handy!


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