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Public or Private?

>> Wednesday, November 12, 2008

As I was driving home from picking Brenna up from pre-school I heard ABC News at the top of the hour.

Apparently the Obamas have decided that their girls will continue to attend private schools when they move to the White House.

The girls currently attend the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, a private school costing up to $20,000 per year. The choices in DC have higher costs- ranging from $27,000 to $29,000.

Can anyone answer this for me: why would anyone who made so many school reform promises not put his kids in public schools? (He also opposes private school vouchers.)

I thought this article at the MoJoBlog was well written and well thought out. And yet the author takes a lot of criticism in her comments. The most often stated is the "logistical nightmare"- yet the Carter's sent Amy through the public schools. I especially love this comment:

Suggesting that he compromise his children's education in order to send out a PC message is insulting. Do you really think that a president would want his children attending public school in one of the roughest areas of the country?

Of course President Elect Obama and his wife don't want to endanger their children. But then, neither do any of the other parents who can't afford the $29K for a private school. And how sad is it that our nation's capital is where the worst schools in the nation are located?

Other commentors pointed out that both the kids come from "genius parents" and would be "light years" ahead of public schools. A very valid argument. But then wouldn't that be a "school reform" that was promised?

I guess maybe I'm "out of touch" with the American people... Because I think that if you are going to lead you should at least try to lead by example. Foolish of me, I know.


Kyle Lobner 8:18 PM  

I don't think this point is fair.

If Obama had said "American public schools are fine and need no repairs," then he'd be a hypocrite.

But he didn't. He spent over a year touting the reforms needed to make schools safer and more productive. And until schools reach that point, he's going to do what everyone wishes they could do and spend more to ensure the best possible outcome for his children.

It is sad that America's roughest schools are located in our nation's capitol. It's sad that bad schools are anywhere. But it would be even sadder if Obama, who can afford better options, put his kids in inferior schools anyway just to make a public statement.

Jody 8:23 PM  

And I completely understand that. But if he really practiced what he preaches he would support vouchers so other parents could have the same option- not just the privileged few who can afford that insane amount of money. It counteracts his "spread the wealth" ideals.

Marie 9:54 AM  

Apparently Amy Carter went to public schools there.... BO is a hypocrite!

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