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It's Lush... It's Green... It's... Fake?

>> Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I gotta be honest… Living in the midwest we are spoiled by nature. Yes, I can even say that as it is cold outside, but not cold enough for the rain that is falling to turn to snow. Ice cold rain is worse than snow…

But then I think of when I have visited friends on the west coast and have seen how dry and arid some areas are. Because while we may worry about not getting enough rain here for crops I have never had to worry once about not having enough water for my lawn.

Earlier today I was mindlessly clicking through the web while I was waiting for something when I saw that Los Angeles Artificial Turf sales are on the rise. Apparently it’s less expensive to lay out the cash for EasyTurf, the same stuff that NFL and professional baseball teams play on, than it is to keep a lawn green.

I’m amused by that. When I looked at the San Diego Artificial Turf landscaping photos I couldn’t tell it wasn’t real grass. It’s a deep green, looks lush and freshly mown.

It’s gorgeous. After using the handy Landscape Expense Calculator (just for fun and because my download was taking an exceptionally long time to load) I saw that it is really affordable, especially if you have a smaller yard. It’s no wonder the Orange County Artificial Turf installers are in such high demand…



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