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The Snow Makes Me Want to Go

>> Friday, November 07, 2008

As I look at the snow flying past my window and watch the trees bend in the wind I come to the realization that this is only the first of many days in what will, most likely, be a long, cold winter.

And though I love living in Iowa the beginning of winter always gives me the urge to run to someplace warm. Which is what led me to a website about California theme parks. Because grandma was here amusing the girls I could pretend, just for a bit, that I was actually planning a trip to Gilroy Gardens, a paramount parks managed property.

The reason this property attracted me so much is because of it’s differences from other California amusement parks. They have interactive learning exhibits and fabulous gardens. Perfect for my girls who love to explore and adore flowers. And their Holiday Lights exhibits on weekends in December – featuring a Charlie Brown Christmas. Who doesn’t love Charlie Brown and his sad little tree?

Oh, don’t worry, there are also rides. You can board a worm and burrow through an apple (roller coaster), go for an artichoke dip (it spins), rock back and forth in a giant banana, or spin around in a bulb of garlic. (OK, with all this food I’m sold!)

OK, so we won’t be heading out of this weather any time soon, but I am so putting this on our places to go list!


Jennifer 7:17 AM  

My kids keep asking me when it's going to snow. We've had a few flakes but nothing impressive yet, you wouldn't even known it was snowing if you weren't looking for it.

So Connor went to the calander and chose Nov. 14th as a good day for it to snow. He said because it was into November far enough and that's when it is allowed to start snowing. LOL

I love the winter and couldn't dream of escaping it. Only around March am I finding I would like a nice sunny vacation.

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