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So, That's What They Advertise in The Back of Popular Science

>> Wednesday, October 31, 2007

So... I was bored the other day... I'm not sure why I was bored, or where the girls were that allowed me to be bored. It may have been a weekend morning with Caelan napping and Brenna cuddling with Doug for some TV time.

So I grabbed the nearest thing- Doug's Popular Science magazine- and started to read.

There are lots of interesting things in PopSci. Of course I can't remember any of it. What I do remember is a website they featured in their "you don't have to be a nerd to enjoy this" section. (OK, that's not what they call it, but if you've read PopSci you know what section I am talking about)

So this website WeirdConverter.com... You can compare weight, length/height and volume of, well, weird things.

For instance: it would take 5.515565 Tom Cruises to equal the weight of one Right Whale testical. (Now, that's assuming Tom Cruise weighs 200 lbs, which, I gotta say, seems heavy to me. But still fun).

Or that it would take 177599539103200 kegs of beer to fill the Grand Canyon.


I had paged through the PopSci and for some unknown reason I was browsing the ads in the back. It seems that there are ads for all kinds of "science projects" in the back- if you know what I mean. I found:

  • 1 ad for a pheromone additive for cologne
  • 7 ads for male enhancement and enlargement
  • 1 "Better Sex For A Lifetime" video
  • 1 ad for "Liquid Trust" (a liquid oxytocin) to fuel intimacy

Hmmm, and I thought it would just be kit cars and rocket kits.


Tamara 9:44 AM  

hopefully the ads aren't what hubby is interested in :p

I would love it to check out that site if I get some down time - which isn't happening in the next month!

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