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For Tonight's Entertainment

>> Monday, October 22, 2007

Brenna's birthday is Friday. We got her the Fisher Price Easy Link Internet Launchpad.

The reason for this gift is multi-tiered.

A) Doug is a computer geek.

B) Brenna has been playing with the keyboards since she was a baby.

C) Now she can actually use them.

D) This will keep her from clicking around the computer and locking it down.

E) Or something else that I can't fix.

F) It will give her direct access to a few other game sites.

Of course we have no place to set this little gem, so Brenna is also getting her own desk.

Which I will be assembling tonight.

With a little help from Mike.


sue 2:37 PM  

Very cool! Please let us know how it all turns out.

Chris, Renae & Annie 6:16 PM  

Mike is such a good friend! He doesn't spend enough time at my house though. :(

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