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Make Them Last

>> Thursday, October 04, 2007

I'm not a "homeschooling mom" but I do try to teach the girls what I can. Brenna was able to identify all her letters before she started pre-school last year and most of her numbers, as well.

Now she is learning to write. There are so many cute workbooks out there but they can't be reused. Unless you do this:

Take the pages out and place them in the plastic page covers that fit in a 3-ring binder. If you get the binder that has the "slip in" front cover you put the cover of the workbook in there so you know at a glance what you've got.

Voilá! A workbook that you can use again and again with dry erase markers!

I put in two workbooks. One beginning at each end. This way you can open directly to the workbook you want. Both end in the center, upside down from the other. (Upside backwards, according to Brenna)

Let the learning begin!


An Iowa Mom 5:44 PM  


Emily goes through a workbook every other day or so. She will sit for 2 hours doing them.

Doing them over and over would be fine with her ... and probably very beneficial too!

Thanks for the tip!

vw bug 6:37 PM  

Good job mom!

carrie 8:50 AM  


Thanks for sharing this tip--I will keep this in mind!

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