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Preparing for the Future

>> Friday, October 05, 2007

Slowly but surely Doug & I are getting our plans for the future laid out. We are paying down debts; we have significant amounts of life insurance and have made our wills. As we get older, though, the issue of long term care is creeping into the edges of my mind. Not so much for me, although I know it will be a good idea when I get about 15 years down this road of life, but more for Doug’s mom (I know my mom has LTC in place).

I suppose the reason I think about it for Doug’s mom is because she lives so far away from us. I am not sure if she has any provisions in place for the future. She is quite a bit younger than her husband and is sure to outlive him. And if, God forbid, anything happened to her I am just not sure if we could care for her without some sort of financial backup.

And then, of course, I think forward to my future. I will, statistically, outlive Doug. I am also the one in this household who pushed for higher life insurance policies, the creation of our wills and higher liabilities on our home and cars. I am the planner and I am the do-er. I am also the main consumer in my home- everything from cars to carpets, appliances to applesauce is purchased by me. I think that I defer to Doug on only a few things, computers and electronics and maybe snowblowers (which, in hindsight was bad as I am the one who uses it most often).

Statistically I will outlive my grandparents- and they are almost 80. Planning ahead early for those later years just makes good sense- financially and personally. Long term care insurance is added security.

If you are thinking about your future and want to know more about Long Term Care let me suggest visiting National Health Administrators website. There you can learn about LTC insurance, home care, assisted living, retaining you independence and information about finding the best LTC policy for you.

Because luck favors the prepared.


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