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Gimme The Boot

>> Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You’re going to be hearing about it a lot, I’m afraid. Yes, I’m going to mention the I-word.

There is a saying in the British Isles: If you wait for the weather to be favorable you'll spend your life waiting. So we trek out in all weather, "layered and prepared".

We do a lot of walking in Ireland. Most ruins are in the middle of fields full of poo or half a mile back from the road and reachable only on foot. And castle steps- don’t even think of walking on centuries old stone steps without a rubber sole. You’re just asking for trouble.

So I buy really good hiking boots every two years- about two months before we leave so I can get them broken in and comfy. Because you don't want to break in boots on vacation. Ouch.

MetBoots.com has boots for all your needs: work, casual, hiking... Even those super-waterproof-keep-your-feet-toasty hunting boots that all the guys will be wearing around these parts come next weekend. And free shipping on orders over $100.

Boots would be a good Christmas gift... I could just pick them out and leave Doug a little hint- like an email... He would probably play it safe and get me a gift card...


Tamara 10:03 AM  

I can't view the new fam photo. It doesn't load, I've tried twice :(

Melody 9:23 PM  

I don't mind if you say the "I" word. Our family went to Ireland in 2005. I absolutely loved it. I tried to talk my husband into moving there but it didn't work. His family immigrated here 150 years ago. While we were there we met descendents of his family. We are planning on going back frequently.

Anonymous 12:04 PM  

good one! i just brought even more some other new emo backgrounds to my blog

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