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I'm Still on Top! Plus... Let the Invasion Begin!

>> Saturday, October 06, 2007

Check it out! It's been 16 days! Wow, I really didn't think I'd last 6, let alone plus 10! So thanks for clicking my buttons!


It's almost 2 pm. Time to get in the shower and prepare for Doug's family to begin arriving in 2 hours. I've got the pumpkin swirl cheesecake, the artichoke/spinach cheeseball and the Mediterranean Marinated Cheese made. I have a few touches left on the castle cake. And I haven't started the potatoes, the green bean cassarole or the sloppy joes yet.

But the girls are clean and cute. And I have until 5 to get the food prepared.

And I I want to do is sit here and pretend noone is coming over and I am actually able to enjoy this bit of quiet as Doug has the girls out running errands with him.



An Iowa Mom 1:46 PM  

I hope you had a good evening with the in-laws. :)

I didn't know what that TopMomma.com was ... I may have to check into it. I'll keep clicking you!


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