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Crayola Customer Service

>> Tuesday, October 30, 2007

For Caelan's first birthday I bought her the Beginnings Crayon Buddies. I really liked their design and the fact that Caelan wouldn't be able to chew on the crayon. Because all that colored wax is so tasty...

Unfortunately she pulled the crayon out of the little "egg" immediately. We replaced it, but it wouldn't lock in place. So now I had a 1 1/2 inch crayon. Neat.

Last week, after weeks of meaning to handle it, I dropped an email to Crayola.

They called me back. Can you believe it? They called me. I spoke with a very lovely woman who asked all kinds of questions and tried to help me "fix" the problem. When I told her that we had tried all the "tricks" to get the crayon to stay in and it just wouldn't she said that she was very sorry and that she would send me a couple of coupons.

Well, I got the package in the mail yesterday. Yes, the package. Not an envelope, but a package. In it were two coupons totaling $14 for any Crayola product, an activity booklet and a big "Happy Birthday" banner that can be colored (I had mentioned that the crayons were a birthday gift).

Crayola, you have a dedicated customer. In my opinion you went above and beyond to fix my problem and make sure I was happy. The simple fact that you called instead of just returning my email was a pleasant surprise and the "extras" you included with the coupons sealed the deal.

Your customer service was awesome.

So, everyone, I highly recommend Crayola® brand. They have actually earned my business.


Fantastagirl 9:29 PM  

And for the record - their washable markers? Really are washable...just so you know when the kids are a little older.

(Comes out of our living room carpet, off the coffee table, tink's top, and the wall - Don't ask how I know, just nod and smile)

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