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October Scrap Bribing: What's In Your Wallet?

>> Saturday, October 20, 2007

Or more importantly- What IS Your Wallet?

This month's scrap bribing prize is the Vituri Wallet in blush. I have this same wallet in sage and love it.

It has lots of space for money, change, a checkbook, credit cards, membership cards, savings cards...

And a removeable strap so it can be a small purse

Of course, this is scrap bribing so there must be someplace to display photos:

There is a nice little sleeve for ease of changing the photos.

This is a brand-new still-in-the-plastic wallet. I got it as a "gift" for signing up for the 12 hour crop (and paying $50). The wallet retails for $25 at Archiver's.

How to win:
Leave me a comment.

If you want to double your chances place a post on your blog and link to this post. (Don't forget to let me know about it!)

Want more chances? Make sure that everyone who comes from your post tells me that they came from there. I will enter both of you for that comment.

Winner will be chosen by random drawing on Halloween Day.


Renae 5:29 PM  

I think the sage would be pretty but I'm partial to the pink. And love the little photo windows!

My blog is at www.wordsofalife.typepad.com. Going to try to link to this.


PS - found you through Tamara.

An Iowa Mom 12:36 PM  

Love it. Love it in pink. I am a pink gal. So original, I know!

Please enter me in the contest. And I will let you know when I get a post up about it.

My fingers and toes are all crossed. I love this!


Jen H 7:39 PM  

I'm such a loser. I just want to be a winner. Does it matter that we're related?

Jody 9:12 PM  

No special treatment, Jen! Same rules! But I know who has your name for Christmas if you don't win!

Cindy 12:51 AM  

Love this prize and love your blog! I've been reading ever since you posted a link...I think it was on the Wishblade group. I've posted a link to your site in my Blogger Buddies list, too!

Jody 8:12 AM  

Cindy- thanks so much! Do you have a blog? I would love to return the linky love. :)

Bubbi 7:14 AM  

Count me in and please count in grandkid #2 Faith.
Left you two linkys at Bubbi and Bits$Pieces.

Hope I did it right--anyway--check them out :)

Cindy 12:33 AM  

Hi Jody! Cindy again...yes, I have a blog...it's www.thebabblingbrooks.typepad.com Mostly it's all about the house we're building right now, but I get in stuff about my sweet little grandson and traveling and whatever else, too. It's such a fun thing to do and I love it when I find other interesting blogs like yours!

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