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So Busy

>> Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wow. How is it Sunday? What happened to my weekend?

OK, I know my weekend was eaten alive by preparations for Brenna's birthday party, Brenna's birthday party itself and an evening spent with friends from out of state.

Then up early today to help with childcare during the early church service and then actually getting into a church service (kind of. Caelan had a meltdown in the nursery so I spent half of the service with her) until noon.

Now it's 3pm and I have no idea how to get to all those things on my schedule- let alone the holiday "to do" list that is looming.

I see lots of caffeine in my future.

During yesterday's party Doug's paternal grandmother told us about her upcoming birthday party. And, upon hearing the date, I knew my November calendar was filled.

First weekend:
Friday- Drive 1 1/2 hours north west for Doug's aunt's surprise party
Saturday- Celebrate my BIL and my birthdays. And my brother's civil wedding. Shhh... They are going to have a big ceremony next year but they just want to "make it legal" before the baby is born.
Second weekend:
Friday, Saturday & Sunday- Doug has a big project that "comes to a head". He has told me to not expect to see him.
Third weekend:
Friday/Saturday- Doug's family in from Texas to celebrate
Sunday- Doug's maternal grandmother's birthday. It's an all-day thing.
Fourth Weekend:
Friday- I am scrapping. I will need to escape by then, I'm sure.
Saturday- Doug's paternal grandmother's birthday party. This may involve more family from Texas visiting. I'm not sure, yet.

Which trickles into December with a baby shower for my SIL and a trip to the Amana's the first weekend, a family Christmas the second weekend, my nephew and mother's birthday the thrid weekend...

And I didn't even include holidays...

I'm tired just thinking about it. I think I need another PepsiOne.


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