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If Nothing Else Works

>> Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ok, so I'm not obese by any means but I am unhappy with my weight since the birth of my two lovely daughters. And, honestly, if I would just practice portion control, a little self control and exercise a bit more I would probably be able to shrink a couple of sizes and firm up.

I am lucky but I do have some friends and relatives who have struggled with weight issues for, well, as long as I have known them. Many of them have looked into gastric bypass to help them but have not done it due to the many risks associated with such a major surgery.

Another option has recently become available: an adjustable and completely reversible procedure, it is a laparoscopic procedure and can be done in the morning and have you resting comfortably in your own bed (or a nice hotel with room service) that night.

Dr. Richard Collier is the foremost Kingwood Lap band surgeon. Kingwood is right outside Houston, Texas, next to the very exclusive area known as "The Woodlands". I've stayed in "The Woodlands". It's pretty swanky and you could have some darn nice pampering while you recover.

Dr. Collier's surgical center is designed to be comfortable for the patient who needs a bit more room. Roomier gowns, wider hallways, chairs without arms, restrooms with handicap railings for support and ease of movement, and a soothing environment – everything designed to put comfort and ease first.

If nothing else has worked this may just be what you have been waiting for.


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