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54 Shopping Days Til Christmas

>> Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I’ve been working on my gift giving budget and perusing options for those names on my list. My family draws names so there’s 4, plus parents (another 6), grandparents (5 more). And I can’t forget my loves (3 more people with multiple gifts).

That adds up to 25 or so gifts, average of $50 each. Ouch.

So I look for savings everywhere. I found some smart bargains coupons for places I actually shop.

I send my paternal grandmother flowers from ProFlowers.com for Christmas every year. She is always pleased with the arrangements and they last for weeks- usually through the new year.

I’m a big fan of photobooks. I’ve used quite a few companies and really have to say that Shutterfly has some of the best quality. I also use Shutterfly for photo printing and Christmas cards. They always “reward” my purchases with free prints to keep me coming back.

And Target is probably my favorite every-day store. I buy everything there. Health and beauty aids, food, clothes for the girls, and gifts. Lots of gifts. Books, CDs, DVDs, toys… I can get just about anything there. And if I can't get it at the store I can usually find it online. And if it's not right returns or exchanges can be done at the store.

What are your gift giving go-tos? And what do you give the person who has everything? I'm desperate for suggestions for our grandparents.


vw bug 3:20 PM  

Target...I feel I live there some days. Thanks, I sent that link to some family and friends.

Cindy 9:07 PM  

When my aunt was older and didn't need any "stuff" for her small apartment, we would take her out to lunch or a movie and then grocery shopping. She'd take her list and then we'd load up her cart with more things we knew she liked (favorite foods) and things she needed (like TP). Being on a fixed income, it was a special gift to her as well as getting to spend a little time together. She lived 400 miles away, so if we couldn't see her on gift occasions we'd send a gift card and my cousin would take her shopping. I also would sometimes send things like postage stamps, an assortment of cards, a magazine subscription, etc. She passed away in January and I miss her :)

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