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Maybe You Should Recall The Idiots?

>> Saturday, October 13, 2007

BIG headline in the newspaper today about infant cold medicines being recalled.

No, there is nothing wrong with the medicine, it's fine. What's wrong is that people aren't reading the labels or listening to their doctors and end up overdosing their children.

For a run-down from a pediatrician click here.

I've never liked to give my girls medicine. If they have a cough I have them drink water to soothe their throats- their doctor says it usually works just as well as cough medicine. If they have a stuffy nose they get nasal mist to clear it out- along with the aspirator. And if I do give them medications I can pretty much guarantee that I don't give as much as the label says is "safe". I'm sure to under-dose as I am afraid of over-dose.

Honestly, when did people quit taking care of themselves responsibly and start relying on lawsuits to solve their problems?

Here's a hint:
*Read the label.
*Follow the instructions.
*If you aren't sure call your doctor.

And, just for the record:
*Coffee is hot.
*Don't put electrical appliances in water.
*Plastic bags are not toys.
*Safety scissors can still cut you.
*Don't play inside your dryer.
*Don't eat cleaning products.


cchuff 9:43 AM  

Other than making you feel like you are doing something, most medications don't do anything to shorten the life of a virus or even do much to make you feel better.

Our bodies are not really made to metabolize the chemical we shove into them, hence the side effects.

Yea, Jody! Common sense is a rare commodity in this day of wanting a pill for everthing.

Fantastagirl 10:26 PM  

Our doctor is a firm believer in nasal spray for colds. Doesn't believe in giving meds, unless needed. (BACTERIA get the meds - VIRUS takes time.)

If I give anything - even over the counter, I will call our pharmacist - with the child's weight and ask for the correct dosage. I don't trust the label - and I've found that the label is actually lower than what you can give them, so if you follow proper dosing instruction, you'll be fine...

Why can't people take responsibility for themselves and their kids... grow up people - you are now the adult - ACT LIKE IT!

sue 2:51 PM  

Hmmm... this sounds suspiciously like COMMON SENSE. ;)

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