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My Mailbox Is Full

>> Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It has officially begun. The time of year when my mailbox is stuffed. Everyday. With 4 birthdays, one anniversary and assorted holidays happening during the final months of the year I can be assured there is something in there besides the bills that recur on their clock-work schedule and the political mailings (which are coming in thicker as the caucus has been moved up).

Something else fills my mailbox this time of the year, too. Catalogs. Lots of gift catalogs. Toys, electronics, food... You name it, I've received a catalog for it. And I usually look through every one of them. And I will mark items, check them against other items, check prices, coupons, shipping savings... Because I want the best deal.

Quite often, though, the best deal falls on "Black Friday". Ugh. I hate "Black Friday". I don't care how much money I can save, I'm really not interested in waking up before the sun so I can go out in the cold and be one of 50 people vying for the "IT" item of the season. No thank you.

Luckily for me I have the inside tip on some of the best 2007 thanksgiving specials. Yep, Black Friday ads before you can see them in your Thanksgiving Day newspaper!

I will, of course, be checking out the Target deals. I have my eye on a kid's digital camera and a bouncing zebra. And then, with my trusty source leading the way, I will purchase what I want online at the same price as the store.

I will remain happily ensconced in my home, wrapped in fuzzy jammies, drinking tea and eating leftover pumpkin pie as I shop.

I just doesn't get any better than that.


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